Studio Life

This is when art happens

The everyday life in Lab12 is challenging, collaborative, thought-provoking, tasty and fun.
Here are some snapshots from the studio life.

2018 - 2019

Final Exams

The end of the first year of Lab12. It was a fascinating year full of experiences and emotions – pure blast!

Collaborative projects

Through collaborations, open-ended approaches to art practice are being encouraged.


Performative rituals and experimentation with aesthetic forms of artistic practice. 


How to translate poetry into art.


Free-thinking zones accelerate actions. 

The New Yorker randomizer

An exercise inspired by The New Yorker magazine.

Expedition to the future

Visualizing a new School of Fine Arts. 

Poka-Yio's First Murder

The first murder. Crazy stuff happen at Lab12.

Athens School of Fine Arts