“Undone by Our Stories”

ft. Platforms Project 21-24 October 2021

“Undone by our stories” starts with the words of Judith Butler and invites the audience to join a process of undoing through moving images, sounds, words and worlds. We undo and reconstruct ourselves and our identities through the touch, the smell, the feel and the anticipation of the other while facing a series of collapses. Our stories invite you to a game, a visual experience where no one remains intact even if they try so and our worlds exist in relation to other worlds or because of other worlds.

Participating artists: Maria Artemis Arvaniti Apsokardou, Ayana Curschellas, Nasia Drimousi, Nikos Gkatsios, Smaragda Karamperi, Markella Ksilogiannopoulou Anastasia Mazaraki, Anastasia Pampouropoulou, Georgia Panagiotou, Froso Papadopoulou, Sofia Papadopoulou, Anniw Psyllou, Theodora Savvalaridi, Natalia Sopidi, Savvas Tsimouris

Curator: Evi Roumani

“Catcalling me twice is like calling my cat side to scratch you up really nice”

ft. Space52 10 July 2021

Screening night in the context of the exhibition “Never Cross the Same River Twice” at Space52 curated by Kisito Assangni & Ariana Kalliga. “Catcalling me twice is like calling my cat side to scratch you up really nice”, draws upon feminist practices, to host an event of different femininities that follow their own multidimensional, emancipatory paths. Our visual realities unfold like different games that we crave to see and immerse into while allowing all kinds of fixations on a fluid, ever present emotion of holding tight. As Donna Haraway states: “Life is a window of vulnerability. It seems a mistake to close it.” In this screening, we attempt through moving words and images to visualize vulnerability as a new kind of power that piles up and expands, a giant wave slowly moving towards the spectator’s shore.

Participating artists: Katerina Alexandri, Angelica Barli, Nasia Drimousi, Smaragda Karamperi, Markella Ksilogiannopoulou, Froso Papadopoulou, Theodora Savvalaridi.
Curator: Evi Roumani

“With Whose Blood Were my Eyes Crafted”

ft. Platforms Projects NET, May 2021

“With whose blood were my eyes crafted?”, entitled after Donna Haraway’s quote, is a quest for multiple transformation practices of the visual. The images of the participating artists embody the question about the ability to see with as well as the thought about the possible violent dominative aspect of our vision. The images act as mirrors-second selves that live behind the pupils of our eyes and thirst to capture what they are burning to see…

Participating artists: Katerina Alexandri, Nasia Drimousi, Nikos Gkatsios, Smaragda Karamperi, Filipos Kominos, Sofia Papadopoulou, Nota Paterimou, Chris Plaitis, Theodora Savvalaridi, Savvas Tsimouris, Christos Fousekis, Tanya Varvery.

Curated By Evi Roumani

Joseph DeLappe Seminar

ft. Joseph DeLappe, 6-9 July 2020

Joseph DeLappe offered an online workshop to the students of the Athens School of Fine Arts, to complete his contribution to the Public Hazards program, conducted by ViZ Laboratory for Visual Culture. This online seminar is an inspiring and abundant journey through recent political conflicts, war-zones, resistances, activism, gaming, public engagement and dilemmas. The workshop culminates with a collective reaction to aspects of the Covid crisis with use of paper-crafted masks. This performance will be recorded and screened at the Onassis Foundation YouTube Channel and ViZ’s media outlets.

My Shell Is My Room, Is My Skin, Is My Screen

ft. Platforms Projects, 14-28 May 2020

For Platforms Project 2020 LAB12 and its experimental exhibition space ULTRA PLAIN present the group show “My shell is my room, is my skin, is my screen”. Viewers are welcomed to watch what is going on when doors are closed and screens are on. Strange shells created by the artists function as limits of their personal spaces create a series of walls on which representations and projections are imprinted. The artists experiment on their visual experiences and share with us their personal universe. “My shell is my room, is my skin, is my screen” is an invitation to game where anything can happen especially when you jump from window to window and create your own simulations…
Participating artists: Christophoros Ioakimides, Markella Ksilogiannopoulou, Darja Lukjanenko, Froso Papadopoulou, Nota Paterimou, Antigoni Santorinaiou, Tanya Varveri
Curator: Evi Roumani

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ASFA Showcase 2/ That Shit Is Amazing

ft. ViZ, at ViZ, 10 December 2019

What was, ten years ago, described as the arrival of the post-digital era is now a solid predicament. Which parameters define the Greek post-digital experience vis a vis the ongoing strengthening of an expanded tourist industry? What do we reckon of the human forces that are training to build and recruit the future wellness clinics? The positions exercised by this group of -mostly Gen Z- digital natives demarcate a strategy for repurposing the post-digital self: They experiment with relapsing, crafty impersonations – vigilantes that lurk in spaces of hardship, rogue zones of Greek society. Their works repurpose small industry, craft and self-masquerade to interrogate the fantasies permeating contemporary Greek politics.
Markella Ksilogiannopoulou (ASFA Lab 12) employs her Ninjakos character to vandalize three works by male artists (Wolf Vostell, Francis Alÿs, Santiago Sierra) by situating them within an alienating material/urban framework, full of bitter references.

Curated by Kostis Stafylakis, Artistic Director of ViZ Laboratory for Visual Culture

The text of appearances – container version / Day 3 – Public event

ft. ViZ at ViZ, 30 November 2019

Stories and objects are gathered in the container. How can these stories and collection of objects be entangled in a collective narrative?
The third edition of the workshop series The Text of Appearances (Maria Glyka and Dimitris Rentoumis) concludes with a public event at ViZ on Saturday the 30th of November 2019. The participants of the workshop in collaboration with guest artists will present a collective storytelling session.

Too Early, Too Late, Athens School of Fine Arts Lab12 & École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Reims


ft. Reims School of Fine Arts (ESAD) at Kolokotroni 4, 19 April 2019

The students of the 12th studio of Painting and Expanded Media of Athens School of Fine Arts and students from L’ École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims presented the video works that were created during a one-week collaborative workshop between the two schools, titled “Too Early, Too Late”.

Collaborated professors: Mark Geffriaud, Giuseppe Gabellone, Brice Domingues, and Poka-Yio


ft. Manufacture School of Scenic Arts at Romantso, 1 April 2019

“What it takes to turn a celebration into a choreography – and what it takes to turn an improvisation into a party. Because, in the end, you just wanna fuckin’ dance, don’t you?” The project was a collaboration between the students of the Athens School of Fine Arts and the students of Manufacture School of Scenic Arts in Lausanne. Concept:  Kiriakos Hadjiioannou and  Poka-Yio

Ultra Plain, ASFA Lab12, Goethe Institut,


ft. Most Mechanics Are Crooks at Goethe-Institut Athen, 26 March 2019

ULTRA PLAIN was a disruptive balmasque within the Weasel Dance: The Mimetic in the Post-Digital Predicament, curated by  Most Mechanics Are Crooks. The weasel dance is, perhaps, a successful depiction of the post-digital predicament. We, thereby, performed the post-digital trauma: the scars our online masks leave on our faces.

Treasure Hunt, ASfA Lab12 - Snehta Residency, Kypseli

Treasure Hunt

ft. Snehta at Snehta Residency/Kypseli, 15 March 2019

A unique synthesis of ASFA students in collaboration with Snehta resident artists partook in a three day Treasure Hunt in Kypseli which resulted in an ad hoc exhibition (third day) highlighting meaningful concepts and ideas filtered through research, quick exchanges and ad hoc presentations.

The Group; A temporary Autonomous Hotel LARP, 6th Athens Biennale 2018 ANTI

The Group; A Temporary Autonomous Hotel

ft. Ed Fornieles Studios, Omsk Social Club & Nina Runa Essendrop at the 6th Athens Biennale ANTI, 9 & 10 November 2018

An immersive LARP, a 4* participatory experience, where the artists – working with this underlying emotional representation of architecture – investigated the structure of the house but as a hotel. The Lab12 members took their new identities and the “key” of the hotel room at the reception of Esperia Palace and the moment they entered the room, the live action role play began.