Athens School of Fine Arts

Our Scope

to redefine art practice by redefining art education

Our Pillars

Personal Development

Each member has the opportunity to create a personified self development plan, explore and expand personal resources, tools and knowledge.

Community - Collective

The members form a sharing, supportive community and work collectively in projects and workshops.

Multidisciplinary Practice

Members create their own body of work using any suiting media.

Annual Overview

Workshops - Studio Crits
1 - 3 days each
Thematic Exercises
2 - 6 weeks each
Personal Work

Our Story


The 12th Laboratory of ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts) “Painting and Expanded Media”.


Poka-Yio lives and works in Athens. He is Associate Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts, a visual artist and contemporary art curator. He has worked as strategy consultant for organizations and personal coach for individuals and teams. He is Founding Director of the Athens Biennale and has co-founded Alpha Station for Contemporary Art in Athens. His art practice includes painting, performances, theater and short films. The main theme of his work is the dipole Attraction-Aversion at the age of the Culture of Desire.

Our News

I Think I‘ll Stay In Bed, Thank You Very Much

Solo Show by Xenia C. I. Vitos

05 - 14 December 2019 @ Ultra Plain (Kolokotroni 4)

Xenia C. I. Vitos presents an interactive mechanical installation, an intimate environment full of twisted symbolism and personal narration. Her exhibition is an invitation into this very private room.

Opening: Thursday 05/12, 20:00
More info: Facebook event


Solo Show by Haris Vlahos

20 - 30 November 2019 @ Ultra Plain (Kolokotroni 4)

Haris Vlahos’s work consists of detailed and chaotic large-scale drawings that compose a mapping of himself and his habitual impulses. He composes mixed media large-scale surfaces in which cartoon-like and realistic, fluorescent animals protagonize to evoke both aggression and vulnerability.

Opening: Wednesday 20/11, 20:00
More info: Facebook event

Oddly Satisfying Disasters

Solo Show by Evi Roumani

05 - 16 November 2019 @ Ultra Plain (Kolokotroni 4)

The exhibition displays images of a tactile satisfaction and symmetry that narrate the anticipation of a pleasure not achieved but merely represented. These images can unveil another perspective regarding small, every day, compulsive pleasures.

Opening: Tuesday 05/11, 20:00
More info: Facebook event

Our Works


I just wanna fuckin' dance, tell me lies tell me sweet lil lies

ft. Manufacture School of Scenic Arts at Romantso, 1 April 2019

A collaboration between Kiriakos Hadjiioannou and Poka-Yio together with the students of the Athens School of Fine Arts and the students of Manufacture School of Scenic Arts in Lausanne.
At the art space Romantso, Athens.
Concept: Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Poka-Yio
Facebook event

ULTRA PLAIN at Weasel Dance

ft. Most Mechanics Are Crooks at Goethe-Institut Athen, 26 March 2019

Ultra Plain was a disruptive balmasque within the Weasel Dance: The Mimetic in the Post-Digital Predicament, curated by Most Mechanics Are Crooks. The weasel dance is, perhaps, a successful depiction of the post-digital predicament. We, thereby, performed the post-digital trauma: the scars our online masks leave on our faces.
Facebook event

Trop Tôt, Trop Tard

ft. Reims School of Fine Arts (ESAD) at Kolokotroni 4, 19 April 2019

The students of the 12th studio of Expanded Media of Athens School of Fine Arts and students from L’ École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims presented the video works that were created during a one week collaborative workshop between the two schools, titled “Too Early, Too Late”.
Collaborated professors: Mark Geffriaud, Giuseppe Gabellone, Brice Domingues, and Poka-Yio
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Larry Osei Mensah

The Senior Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit visited our Lab and shared tips and advice about the new art scene which followed by a studio crit about the Lab12 members works.

LARP WORKSHOP with the Union Nordic at Delphi

Nina Runa Essendrop, Susan Ploetz and Mark Durkan run LARPs, game mechanisms, simulation techniques and best practice protocols used in creating speculative scenarios that instrumentalize tools and skills from their individual artistic practices, different LARP cultures, and the union methodology. Lecture and discussions situated these techniques in the intersection of play, performativity and politics in artistic and cultural practices.

ASMR workshop with Rahel Spöhrer

In this workshop we explored with Rahel Spöhrer the world of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) – finding out about the triggers that speak to you, researching settings of intimacy, the enjoyment of alienation, the digitalization of personal attention and care, and the queer potential of post-porn sensation. Trigger, trigger, trigger me… 


When art happens

Snapshots from the studio life

The everyday life in Lab12 is challenging, collaborative, thought-provoking and fun.

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